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Did you try their fattening version and nearly puke? Have you noticed your stomach has gained a couple of additional inches since you began to drink them? Well, you aren’t alone.

I’ve been traveling the country and have been to every city in our country over 10,000 individuals and have been around 2000 and Starbucks. Generally the comments begin like this. “Well I know, I should not be drinking these, they’re fattening as hell!” This is accompanied by a few pats on the gut. They all know it is the frappachinos which are doing it.

Having traveled to a lot of shops and many on the key routes in bigger cities you find the very same employees during each trip. On one visit they’re new and skinny, higher energy and looking very fit, then after a couple of months when you return to that place you see they’re getting chunky and after some time they’re down right fat, lost their perky attitude and rather negative. It’s a pity to see this, at first I thought the new less fattening frappachinos may be useful, but once I tasted you, yuk, I almost got sick to my stomach.

When patrons are requested at the counter if they want to test the less fattening version, they frequently say as I’ve overheard from the long lines;”You know, I tried that, but I actually didn’t like it, thanks anyway.”

If you feel that your frappachino tastes are making you fat, then you’re most likely correct.

Starbucks is making you fat

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