Vampire Bats: The real deal

Yes, vampire bats are real! NO….they will not turn you into an actual vampire if they come into contact with you. Vampire bats mainly bite large animals like horses, cows or sheep. They make a small cut with their teeth and then lap up the blood, kind of like when a cat drinks water, so its not “sucking blood”. If vampire bats do not find a meal for two days, they will die. Odd fact: Female bats will regurgitate blood to feed other bats in exchange for grooming…kind of creepy huh? Blood is absolutely vital for survival. The vampire bat has some different adaptations than other bats. They can walk, run and jump and this helps them hunt and feed.

Vampire bats can be very tame and even kind to humans. They can carry rabies so for animal farmers they are definitely a cause for concern. Vampire bats aren’t harmful to humans but of course humans can contract rabies also, so if you are bitten by a bat…you should seek emergency attention right away.

These bats love humid areas and tend to gravitate towards caves, caverns, hollow trees or anywhere kind of dark and concealed. They tend to love barn rafters or attic spaces. If you get bats in your attic, their guano can contain disease and you should callĀ Raccoon Removal Palm Bay FL right away for contamination removal as well as bat removal and to make sure your home is protected from any further animal issues.


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