Opossums on the Property?

Opossums are about the same size as a small dog. This alone could alarm anyone who crosses paths with an opossum since most people think they’re the size of rats or rabbits. Although not a creature known for viciousness, it may attack and bite in self-defense if it feels threatened. Possum, Opossum, Animal, Young, Wild

It is never a good sign to catch sight of a possum on your property for a number of reasons. gardens, lawns, gutters, roofs, garbage cans, and more are all common areas of a property ruined by opossums and other nuisance wildlife. Also, opossums do not like to travel far, which means if you see one, its den is most likely somewhere close by. Because of this and more, it’s wise to employ some methods to keep opossum off your property.

Get rid of Opossums

The first step to keeping possums off your property is to remove all sources of water, food, and shelter. To accomplish this, eliminate all pet foods, bird seed, squirrel feeders, water bowls, trash cans, and other sorts of food and water, it is similar to Critter Control . Because opossums are nocturnal, be sure to only take your trash cans out to the curb on the morning of pickup day. Eliminating this frequent possum attraction and many others can cut the frequency when they visit your property. You might also install motion sensor lighting and sound machines to frighten nocturnal wildlife off.

Because you don’t want to eliminate the fruits and vegetables in your garden, install a fence around it instead. This will keep a variety of wildlife from entering and eating all the crops. Try sprinkling coconut oil or cinnamon round the perimeter of your backyard for a natural wildlife repellant.

In terms of shelter, opossums like to make their dens in hidden places, protected from predators. When it comes to residential properties, common areas to scrutinize are under decks and porches. If there are critters living beneath certain areas of your home, they have to be drawn out with bait, and then the opening of that region needs sealed. This can make opossums leave and find new shelter elsewhere as they’re not able to come back to their place.

Opossums are great climbers and will also use trees for protection and shelter. They can climb trees and get on rooftops if tree limbs reach the surface of the house. Once nuisance wildlife has access to your roof, they can find access inside attics or cause significant shingle damage. Trim tree limbs that are close or against your house. This will eliminate access to a roof and remove a likely hang-out place for possums.

Speak to a local pest management company for professional help getting rid of pesky opossums. They keep the proper tools and training to exclude annoyance wildlife and prevent their return. Some companies even offer small attic and crawl space restorations and other fixes caused by animal damage.

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